Summer Reading Plans

All I can say is I am really happy to be able to get a little me time this summer and cross some books off of my reading list! I of course always enjoy reading for my classes as there is obvious meaning behind the cause for reading but during the summers I can just find my own books and read at my own pace. I do tend to read less over the summer but I am happy to have started a book club back home with some of my friends. A couple of friends of mine have decided to take some time off for school and so I have been encouraging them to get back into the reading cycle and they have agreed to do this more with me. It is always nice being in school here at Chadron State College and having so many influential learners and readers around me, makes me want to work harder towards my end goal of graduating! I do have learning supporters back at home but there are some differences since I am there mostly when I am not in school. I can’t wait to spend some time in the hills and just relax and read. I often times read when I am at the Chadron State Park and that area really reminds me of back home. 


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

This summer I will be challenging myself with checking off more of the “Book Challenge Bingo” boxes. I thought this was a really clever idea and I can also do this in my future classroom which is really creative for the students as well. I will also be challenging myself with going to the library more and checking out books that I am unfamiliar with and that I wouldn’t expect myself to be reading. I hope to really expand my reading content and this class has definitely helped me learn how to do that. I also hope to build my own classroom library with going to bookstores and second-hand shops. I love a going on a scavenger hunt in stores to find the best books and to find a deal better than the last. Some books that I still have on my young adult literature book list are, “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell, “Bone Gap” by Laura Ruby. These all caught my eye over the semester and they will all hopefully be good reads. I will find time to read over the summer simply from sheer boredom. I always enjoy going to the lake and sitting and reading a book. I also really enjoy reading on my front porch in the mornings, very quiet and peaceful.


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