It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

I just finished the book, “When We Collided” by Emery Lord and I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite books I have read this far in the semester! The last book that I read that was, “The Golden Compass” was one of my favorites, but in the way that it was different than my normal reading theme of reality and was more fantasy. The book “When We Collided” is definitely more of a reality type book and talks about real themes in life that everyone goes through. I read themes that involve emotions like grief and sorrow and how these emotions can correlate with mental illnesses like depression and bipolar. This story is told with two main characters Vivi and Jonah but can really relate to a lot of people in these aspects and that is something I really enjoyed reading about in this book.


Photo by James Bold on Unsplash

I haven’t read a lot of Emery Lord, or heard about him as much as I think I should have because I really enjoyed his writing style! He uses good diction, like the names of the characters being out of the ordinary which I surprisingly don’t see a lot in young adult literature. He writes with simplicity but yet with his specific diction, makes it seem to have more depth as the word choice and syntax are spot on. Even talking about such deep issues like mental illnesses there wasn’t a time where it felt over dramatized but just real. Sometimes in young adult literature, things are too bland to stay up with, or flat, or the author tries to be so outside of the box that it can lose the reader. I didn’t feel this way at all in this book!

The title of the story “When We Collide” has to do with Vivi and Jonah “colliding” into each other when they were both at moments in their lives where they feel like they have hit rock bottom. This book has a lot of authenticity as the two characters really help each other through this difficult time and you see them slowly start to trust each other through their different experiences. It wasn’t just these typical kids that become friends and end up breaking it off because of a conflict but more they started with the conflict and had to deal with it from there. Definitely a read I suggest to everyone as I didn’t want to give any spoilers or anything! Thanks for reading.


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