I Created A Comic Strip!

I had so much fun doing this week’s assignments! I have always been a fan of graphic novels and comic books. Mostly because I grew up with three brothers, but also because my dad collects comics. My parent’s room has thousands of comic books in it and so I was always pretty much around them growing up. Approaching this assignment gave me a lot of joy as we also used comic strips in high school a lot in my English class. I remember doing stips about Beowulf and til this day my interest towards Beowulf only grows stronger as the graphic materials we used for this unit I will always remember. It also made me more intrigued towards the subject matter which is always helpful inside of the classroom. When I started researching material for this project, I noticed just how many comic strips websites and apps that there are. While I was in high school I used the website Pixton.com and this website was really handy! I couldn’t get it to work with my old account, I believe you have to have an activation code but I do remember how quick and easy it was to use. I did get to take a look at the old strips that I made which was helpful, I just couldn’t get the website to work right for me this time.

For this week’s assignment, I used apps on my iPhone. These apps were “Comic Strip” and “Captions” from the iPhone webstore. These tools were very easy to use as most of my pictures that I wanted to use were on my phone so that made it easier as well. I did have to use a combination of the two because one didn’t have avatars that you could use and the other made you pay for extra letters in the dialogue boxes. I did make this assignment a little bit more difficult than I could have but I really like the end results. I got to use contemporary photos which are visually pleasing and also change the colors of the avatar’s hair and clothes. They may be little adjustments but they make all the difference in the end. I like the simplicity in these comic strips. We can take something that is a huge independent learning project and reduce it into just a couple of dialogue bubbles. I enjoy having to condense information and manipulate it to a certain medium that I am not too familiar with. Expanding my knowledge on new technological tools is also a huge advantage for me!



Comic Strip Comicify iPhone App

Captions iPhone App