Independant Learning Plan Study Review

This week I researched different topics about Cosmetology! I started comparing different websites and blogs for the best resources to use during my independent learning project. I bought a new set of hair shears that includes a measuring comb, a thinning set of scissors, and a regular set of trimming scissors. I think the investment in these resources will really benefit me not only for this class but for future endeavors that I will come across. This week I also dyed my hair from a softer golden brown color, which is my natural color, to a brown/black color. I have been wanting to dye my hair for awhile and this class finally gave me the ambition to do it! While I dyed my hair this weekend, I attempted some new techniques that I researched about. I bought a small brush to apply dye to my roots which helps for a more exact look on my roots rather than just using my fingers to apply the dye which gets on your scalp and can cause a burning sensation. I wanted my hair to have a more natural look to it so on the top portion of my hair I tried to twist some of it as this causes for some of the hair in the middle of the section to not be exposed to as much dye; making my hair have just a little bit of natural color showing through. My mom talked to me about this technique but perfecting it will take awhile!


After I dyed my hair, I started devising a list of things I wanted to accomplish over this semester. So far I want to cut up to 8 different people’s hair. This will be either a trim or a layered cut for longer hairstyles or a buzz cut for shorter hairstyles. This will allow me to work with different types of hair and different lengths of hair and it will help me work with different tools to see the best outcome of each. I then want to dye up to 4 more people’s hair and that will help me find the most effective technique that will save me time and save me the hassle of making a huge mess in my white bathroom. I have concluded that lots of garbage bags and gloves make for the easiest clean up for hair dye! I want to then work on different aspects of hairstyles themselves and how different faces work differently with hairstyles or hair parts. I want to do up to 5 different hairstyles to my friends, ranging from thin shorter hair to thick long hair! I am excited because I can also work with my own hair and find different styles that are super cute that I have never done before.

(Before I dyed my hair, hair after I dyed it with flash, new hair without flash.)

I then went to study the website Modern Salon. This website has several different articles and how-to’s that help a lot with beginning “students” of Cosmetology. The first article I read on this site was called, “7 Tips from the Top for Cosmetology Students.” This article starts with talking about how the hair industry is ever changing and staying up with the up-to-date looks is a must. If you don’t know what trending styles are, customers will be discouraged and disappointed that you can’t tend to their wants. I have come to find out that hairdressing is a very competitive field and being good at this field requires hairstylist to predict what is the new trend rather than just knowing what it is. Cosmetology is also a large field which requires its workers to be equipped with a lot of different skills like dying hair, cutting it, removing it, and styling it. This can also require the nail portion of beauty which is a completely another subject! In all, I am excited to use this site more for my research!


Salapatek, L. (2011, July 10). 7 Tips from the Top for Cosmetology Students – Career – Modern Salon. Retrieved from