It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

This week I read “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. I have to say that this book was very fun to read! We are put in a world of a boy named Miles who goes to a boarding school in Alabama called Culver Creek. Miles falls in love with this girl named Alaska who you could say is almost the opposite of him which makes the storyline that much more stronger and unconventional. Alaska ends up passing away and everyone in the school, especially Miles and his friend Colonel, are struck with grief. I really liked how along the whole story there was a sense of rebellion for Miles and the reader got to tag along with all of his tactics. The three, Miles, Colonel, and Alaska, spend most of the book pulling pranks or drinking and smoking. As the story was written in Miles perspective, which is more sheltered, it makes the story seem more suspenseful.


This book had a lot of different aspects of humor in it and that was one thing that kept my attention peaked as I continued to read. Keeping up with the character Alaska is a lot for the reader as the story does a great job of making her complex and almost untouchable as a lot of the story is Miles chasing after her. I think the title of this story plays well into the storyline also. From the beginning we are always wondering who Alaska is and the Green does a good job of not letting the reader get too close to her as she makes the story way stronger.


I thought that the character development in this story was very strong. We get Miles who has his corks like knowing famous people’s last words and who is really kinda socially awkward. Green doesn’t portray Miles as this perfect night in shining armor but a real person who has real life things happen to him like death. Miles has friends who are always there for him and Green develops the relationships between these friends very effectively by keeping the characters definite to who they are. We see a little bit of foreshadowing in the beginning when Green inserts Alaska into the story almost seamlessly and we knew from there that Miles had a special eye for her. This book was one of the more realistic young adult book I have come across and it was definitely a good read!


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