Digital Literacy Response

toa-heftiba-449816This evening I am watching the TED talk, “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” and reviewing the blog post called, “Centering on Essential Lenses” by Bud Hunt which I have located links on at the bottom of the page! Starting with the TED talk I was initially really intrigued by the age of the speaker! This speakers name is Logan LaPlante who is 13 years old  and talks about the topic of overall creative topics and how things that may be obscure to learn about, like hacking even and graffiti, can have an overall beneficial outcome. He starts out talking about realistic goals for children for things that want to be when they are older and I completely agree with them! I do think involving children into things that could hold their interest and involve their future is beneficial but also being a child is so important.


LaPlante believes that education and learning should include being happy and healthy and for a lot of students, this isn’t the reality. Having a healthy and happy educational climate for my students not only inside that the classroom but the promotion of it outside the classroom is everything to me as a teacher. LaPlante gives some tips for my students which is to exercise, diet & nutrition, time in nature, contribution & services, relationships, recreations, relaxation and stress management, and religion and spiritual comfort. These tips are from Dr. Walsh which are called “Thereputic Lifestyle Changes.”  LaPlante claims he is “hacking his schooling” by changing what he views as having an education and does this by giving back to his community and spending his time amongst his community members and family. Even though he is young, he is very informative and is very comfortable in front of a crowd and this made this listen closer to his opinions and explanations. I think his viewpoints are justifiable and he is very credible for what he believes in. His lifestyle is one that some people don’t agree with but it is the best thing he has found for his life and that is the true meaning of why we are on this earth.

jony-ariadi-197568The blog post that is in relation to this TED video talks about tools that can help us in our learning experiences. He describes these tools as making, hacking, and playing. Making things in our learning to demonstrate what we have learning. I take this as making writings, art, or instrumental illustrations. This will help while I begin my teaching career because helping my students learn through using their own skills will help me know what they are really learning and taking away from the course. Hacking things in our life as in finding happiness and value in everything we do in life. If we don’t find purpose in it then why are we doing it? This is something I want to really advocate not only in my teaching life but in my everyday life. Making the most out of what our lives our and promoting what we have for our better well being. The last lense that Hunt thinks we should carry in our learning tool bag in our playing lense. This lense will help us understand and develop we have in life and how we can discover freedom against what the system we live in and things set in life that hold us back. I relate this back to materialistic mindset and our self reflecting egos that can result when we value our lives over others. In order to have effective learning processes we must be free of standards and cultural rules that are set against us. Allowing ourselves to create a life that is honest in accordance to our beliefs and signifiers; thus letting us be creative minds that aren’t bound by theoretical restrictions held upon us by our own labels and afflictions. Being who we sincerely are in everything we do; our own truths.  



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Photo by Jony Ariadi on Unsplash

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash


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