Independent-Learning Project

As I sit here and ponder what I will will choose for this portion of my class, I think about what really interests me and what I could even for an occupation if I wasn’t a teacher. My dad has always told me that you should be good at at least two things in life and that made me want to branch out in my regular activities that I draw myself towards. One thing that I have always liked to do since I was younger was to cut hair! I remember cutting my barbie’s hair and I even recall having a hair salon day with my own hair, oops! But in any case, some close friends and relatives of mine have let me cut their hair as it has usually just been buzz shaves or a trim but they have all intrigued me to learn more about the art of hairdressing!


My mom graduated from Black Hills Beauty College in Rapid City South Dakota awhile back and owned her own salon a little bit before she had my twin brother and I. Here she made tons of friendships with clients that she still passes by and talks to when she sees them. The skills she learned at this beauty college let her cut my brothers and I’s hair pretty much still ‘til this day. I have only been to a hairstylist once and that was when I went through the bang stage, yikes! But anyhow, I am excited to spend this time to learn more about cutting hair. I have already been lining up some test clients that will help me along this learning process! I hope that this credit hour will help me learn skills I can take far past this class to help people and maybe myself if I ever learn to attend beauty college one day to work at a salon during the summers.


As I go along this learning process, I hope to find helpful tutors who have learned professionally how to do hair and observe them do it. I am a visual learner and seeing first hand how cosmetologists cut hair will help me learn new techniques and tips on how do so. Even though my mom did go to school at one point, cosmetology is much like any other field of study and changes frequently. I remember in middle school and high school asking my mom to do things in my hair like bangs, layers, and ombres. Sometimes we would have to tweak parts here and there but overall all the styles were very cute. Bangs never worked with my frizzy, wavy hair and either did layers do, really. Ombred hairstyles also burned the ends of my hair but did give me a pretty summer look! All in all, there are better dyes out there and more effective techniques to be learned and I am excited to learn more about cosmetology!



Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash