Adolescent Literature Reading Response

chocolate1This week for Adolescent Literature I read the book, “The Chocolate War” by Robert Cormier which was published in 1974. To start off this book, just like Dr. Ellington had warned me, this book was very bleak! I thought that with it being an older book it would have some things that I wasn’t used to like with its language and syntax that it used but it was very dry to say the least. One thing I think that would have benefited this book is if there was a little bit more sense of imagination or inner thought processes. This story just kind of tells it how it is without any embellishments or anything and I think that was the main downside to this story.

Another reason I had to start reading this book is I was really intrigued with the storyline of a child who doesn’t sell candy in a school fundraiser. Everyone has had some kind of fundraiser for their schools and I have always wondered what were to happen if you weren’t to participate in it. This was the first implication that urged me to read this book even though it was an older choice. Although I did feel like this story had a lot of different aspects to it I feel like it needed more development with these aspects to make the story a bit more concrete. I would get distracted and confused with all the characters and different point of views the story talks in to really divulge the characters and what is happening to them.  The ending of the story I thought was the best part because it ends with Jerry and Emile fighting until the lights on the field are turned off. The story then goes onto then showing Jerry and Obie walking home in the dark. This ending caught my attention as the author doesn’t end it just at the football field at the end of the fight but puts a little bit of humanity back to Jerry and Obie and ends a little less expected than I had thought. 


In all, I thought this story was a good start to my adolescent literature book journey. I now know to pick books that are a little bit newer so I can get a feel for what the culture of adolescent literature is like in the current time period. Although, starting with an older book does help me progress better as I know what the literature was like a couple decades ago and what I will read that is newer I can compare the two.

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