5 Image Learning Narrative

school2My life as a learner has been pretty ordinary I would say. I went to preschool with some of my best friends that I still have now and we progressed through our younger years with each other. Having the same friends surrounding you as you move through school I think is very beneficial because they are going through the same thing you are and they can help deal with challenging obstacles that undoubtedly will arise. Obstacles like trying to pass French class or physics. Smaller obstacles also affect learning at a younger age like who to play with at recess or who to sit next to at lunch time. All these problems in school either helping my learning or not helping which has molded me into the learner that I am today. Unlike a lot of other people, I never had to change towns or school which I think benefited my learning experience. I never had to deal with being the “new kid” which does seem like it could affect your education as it was something you had to transition with being in a new school and finding new friends.

school6I grew up in Spearfish, South Dakota and went to school through my K-12 years. I graduated from Spearfish High School in 2015 next to my twin brother Landon. I think having a twin brother helped me through my learning experiences as well. I was always trying to one up my brother all the time and helped me have extra effort towards my learning. Having a twin also made me want to be a teacher as well as I was usually the twin getting the better grades because I worked harder than he did most of the time. (he was just a lazy learner really.) Me doing better in classes made me focus on my brother more also when he would get behind in class or not do well on a test. I would try to help him study more and I think that was the first spark of wanting to be an educator that occurred for me.

school3During my schooling years I always loved English. Writing had always come pretty natural for me and I always helped my classmates with their writing as well. I remember some of my classmates really had a lot of troubles writing and I would go over to their desk during study hall and ask if they ever needed any help. One thing I wish I would have done just a little bit more of was read when I was younger. I went through reading phases where I would read a lot and then not at all and that seemed to not help my learning patterns as much. I now read and write dozens of times a day and that makes me such a more well balanced, smarter learner.


 My professional learning career I hope ends at Chadron State College. I know I will be learning things for the rest of my life but not having to transfer to another college before I get my degree is the main goal for my learning life right now. I have learned so much things here in Chadron I can’t fathom what my life would have been like without going to college. I cherish learning for myself here in school instead of learning for others as I did most of my life in public school. I am finally learning things that I want to learn and that will benefit my soul life rather than things that I am told to learn.