Digital Literacy

lilly-rum-342740Before I started my Digital Literacy class, I had known what it meant to be digitally literate but I did not know if being digitally literature required a certain amount of overall education or if it was more of a generalized term. After doing some research, there isn’t a certain amount that you have to know its more of the sense of ability you have to have to use this sense of knowledge about the digital world. Digital literacy can be defined as the, “an ever changing consideration of sociocultural understanding regarding technologies and the uses of those technologies across an individual person or larger group’s life and experiences.” (PIMA) So in short, mostly everyone that I know is digitally literature to some extent. Some main reasons people are digitally illiterate can be age, socioeconomic status, location, or personal preference. I hadn’t really thought of digital literacy as being a big issue for people as I have gradually been brought up with technology in my life and also my education. I realize now that digital literacy can be a problem for some people, especially for those who aren’t comfortable or familiar with technology as it just hasn’t been a big part of their lives. It takes a variety of different skills to be digitally literate and for some people, they just don’t have these certain skills.

carl-heyerdahl-181868Some skills that are needed to be digitally literate are to, “Find, understand, evaluate, create, and communicate digital information in a wide variety of format.” (ALA) This is one of the main attributes on being digitally literate because if you can’t critically think within the digital world and really scan the information being presented then you aren’t using the resources we have to their fullest advantage. We are given so much information through the internet and different search engines that we have to process all this information to know what the truth is and what the best sources are for each different topic. To be digital literate you also have to, “Use these skills and the appropriate technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, colleagues, family, and on occasion, the general public; and use these skills to actively participate in civic society and contribute to a vibrant, informed, and engaged community.” (ALA) These additional steps that I listed are needed to be done help promote digital literacy to others.


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Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash