Attitudes as a Teen Reader

annie-spratt-475541As I grew up in the public school system we read a lot during class but that seemed to just be about the subject we were in and consisted of the textbooks we had for each class. We didn’t have a lot of time to free read nor was it encouraged that much in or out of the classroom. As I got older and could make my way through town by myself I started to attend the public library on occasion. I remember my parents taking us to the public library when we were younger but honestly with four children, books were hard to keep track of. I then remember asking my mom on occasion to go to the library on the weekends and her saying, “Well, if we didn’t lose all of our books, we would be able to go back without paying an arm and a leg.” So, it wasn’t until I could get my own library card that I went back and I did that as much as I could which would helped me travel to places that I wasn’t able to go at such a young age. I really admired that about reading and literature. Reading was always something that made me feel peaceful and calmed me whenever I was flustered.


I would say that I am kind of like Gallo and his literary past as I didn’t really get into literature as much until I was more independent. I really started to read more when I was in middle school but it seemed to dwindle a little bit as I went onto high school. But after meeting very influential teachers that sparked the literary flame in me again in high school, it led me to come to Chadron and major in Secondary English Education. My attitudes towards reading have been influenced a lot by the people that I have surrounded myself with. I wasn’t one of those adolescents who read whenever there was spare time but I read when I wanted to escape for awhile and be by myself. Growing up with three obnoxious brothers made silent reading times mostly before bed that much more sweeter.


My favorite book series that got me first intrigued with reading was the Magic Treehouse collection. They had so many different books that you could choose from I remember it being almost endless and it was a goal for me to read all of them and so I did. I then got really into the author Andrew Clements and his book Frindle. We read this book as a class and I really loved the author and it led me to read more of his books like Lunch Money, No Talking, and Lost and Found. I was actually cleaning my room at home over break and found dozens of Magic Treehouse and Andrew Clements books. What a fun blast from the past!

TwilightAs I got into my older ages I do feel like I free read but not as much as I did in middle school or that I do now. High school was a busy time trying to fit in and be “cool” and I feel like I lost some of my literary drive. I continued to find this drive more as I got into my junior and senior year as I was getting ready for college. Some of my favorite books in high school was of course the Twilight series as that seemed to be every high school teens book of choice, especially back 4 or 5 years ago. I would have to say that my attitudes as a teen reader were ambitious but yet scattered and have led me to a bright future as an enthusiastic reader.



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